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Costco pet treats made my dog sick

(Update: today, 10/25/2013, after 1000's of complaints, the US FDA is finally really starting to look into this. They're so incompetant they can't even figure out why the Chinese dog treats are making dogs sick).

Recently we bought some dog treats at Costco, and we looked at the package before buying it and it said Newport Beach, CA. After we gave it to Annie she got sick. She vomited blood. We took her to the vet and stopped all treats except her regular food. She only threw up blood the one time. So after a few weeks we thought we'd try the pet treat again. Same deal, she got sick and threw up blood. No more treats, she's fine. They are Kingdom Pets rawhide twists from Costco.

A closer inspection of the bag of treats shows, you guessed it, it's made in China. It was partially obscured and hard to find. We blew it. We should know better.

Here's a post about the famous chicken jerky treats that Costco insisted on continuing to carry even after the FDA warning to not feed them to your dogs:
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WARNING! Kingdom Pets Chicken Jerky
Hey everyone. Been a while since I posted here but thought this was a subject that was important. Our 10 year old female Rottie recently got very sick and it was determined that the illness was caused by Kingdom Pets chicken jerky treats that we buy from Costco. I did a search for "kingdom pets chicken jerky making my dog sick" on Google and was shocked at what I found. Page after page after page of posts like this one about these treats making dogs sick and even causing the death in some dogs.

The FDA issued a warning in 2007, 2008 and 2009 about feeding your dog chicken jerky treats made in China. After the 2007 warning, Walmart removed all "made in China" chicken jerky from their shelves. Way to go Walmart!

I contacted Costco and spoke to the manager at my store. He was surprised to hear this. I directed him to Google. I also contacted and filed a complaint with the FDA. They confirmed that they have received many complaints about this. Yesterday the Costco manager got back to me and told me that their buyer said:

"The reason Kingdom Pets buys their chicken in China is because the Chinese people prefer dark meat chicken and therefore sell the white meat cheap and there is nothing safer or better about these treats if they were made in the USA. Unless the FDA issues a recall, we will continue to carry this brand. We are fairly certain that part of the scare was due to Walmart removing the products from their shelves after the 2007 FDA warning."

This comment by Costco really got my blood boiling. Essentially the buyer at Costco said there is nothing better about products made in the USA and that white meat chicken is cheaper in China. He also essentially blamed Walmart for creating the scare 3 years ago by removing the product from their shelves. I guess the scare had nothing to do with people's dogs getting violently ill and/or dying. Google this for yourself folks. What you will read will blow your mind. These chicken jerky treats are killing dogs. The FDA will not issue a recall because they can't pinpoint a specific issue with the treats that is causing the illnesses, but they agree that the treats are the culprit and they have issued warnings to consumers for 3 straight years. I guess these warnings are not enough for Costco.

 UPDATE: here it is 11/4/2013 and we just went to a Costco today. And guess what? The same chicken jerky that made my Annie so sick is still for sale there. We are CRAZY in this country. They can't figure out what is in the jerky that's making the dogs sick so they still allow it. Makes me very angry.

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